This is The Future of Treatment Temperature Management

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  • Maintains Temp for up to 50Hrs
  • Ultra Durable Polymer Case
  • External Temperature Display
  • World Leading Carbon Insulation
  • Material Kept Cool not Cold
  • Useful for Hot and Cold
  • No Power Source Required
  • 3 Stock Sizes

The LifeBox50 is your reliable and cost effective answer to transporting temperature sensitive supplies.

The next generation of EMS transport containers is here. The key lies within the Carbon panels that produce insulation values of R50; 2x more powerful than anything else on the market. This allows for more payload space and greater efficiency in both hot and cold environments.

The LifeBox50 is designed for the First Responder to transport anything he needs that is temperature sensitive; without having to worry about a heavy, tethered powered unit. The Responder is not restrained by temperature changes over time. The LifeBox50 is able to maintain its core temperature for unprecedented durations in the most extreme ambient conditions. The standard box can hold 8 1 Liter IV solutions at temp for over 50 hours. Superior insulation, combined with rugged cases for protection, make it the number one choice for any medic.

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