X Collar Plus

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XCollar Plus - Clear - Front (Angle A).jpg
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X Collar Plus


This is The Future of Spinal Injury Treatment

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  • World First Cervical Splint
  • Bi-Lateral Adjustment
  • No Finger Guesswork
  • Small Children to Large Adults
  • No Need for Head Huggers
  • Same Price as Regular Collar
  • Folding Version Available
  • Proper Immobilisation of Spine

The XCollar is designed to splint the Cervical Spine by securing the head to the torso of the patient above C-1 and below C-7; on two points anterior and two points posterior. 

This splinting system utilizes bi-lateral and vertical adjustments to obtain a customized fit for both the desired circumference and height of large adult and small pediatric patients; working to increase patient safety by minimizing potential Cervical Spinal distraction and injury.

•Capable of customizing to fit patient body types ranging from pediatric (approx. 22 lbs) to extra-large adult (approx. 360+ lbs).

•Splints the cervical spine in the "Position of Comfort", or Position Found.

•Oversized trachea opening allows for carotid pulse checks, advanced airway procedures, and easy visual assessment.

•Latex-free materials are radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible.

•Available in Clear & High-Visibility Orange.

•Free Online Training Center - www.training.xcollar.com

•Now used in over 42 countries worldwide.

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