Forklift Refresher training ( previously certified )    

Description: It is recommended that fork truck operators regularly updated their skills and knowledge. This one day course is intended for employees who have had prior formal training and who have been awarded a certificate of competence and basic training. This course consists of practical and theoretical training with examination. Each participant is expected to achieve a high standard of knowledge and skill before being awarded a certificate of competent driving ability valid for 3 years.

• Risks associated with forklift operations, the causes of forklift accidents. 
• Legislation – Operators Code of Practice
• The Forklift truck an introduction
• Forklift Pre- operation inspections
• Forklift load capacity / Stability
• Forklift safe operations / Basic manoeuvres
• Manoeuvering in Confined areas
• Forklift emergency procedures
• Battery care , charging and maintenance
• Hydraulic system and use of controls
• load assessment / Stacking De-stacking of loads

Duration: 1 Day

Max Number of Students: 3

Certification: A certificate will be issued following successful completion of course, which is valid for 3 years.

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