Forklift training for Novice Drivers

Description: This 4 day course is intended for employees who have had no previous formal training as Forklift Truck Operators. They receive all the necessary aspects of fork truck operation including their duties and responsibilities as employees to take due care and attention with their employee's goods and equipment. On completion of this programme each participant is expected to achieve a high standard of knowledge and skill before being awarded a certificate of competent driving ability which are valid for 3 years.      

• Risks associated with forklift operations, the causes of forklift accidents. 
• Legislation – Operators Code of Practice
• The Forklift truck an introduction
• Forklift Pre- operation inspections
• Forklift load capacity / Stability
• Forklift safe operations / Basic manoeuvres
• Manoeuvering in Confined areas
• Forklift emergency procedures
• Battery care , charging and maintenance
• Hydraulic system and use of controls
• load assessment / Stacking De-stacking of loads
• Practical Basic operating skills test / Theory written exam

Duration: 4 Days

Max Number of Students: 3

Certification: Successful candidates are certified in Basic skill for a period of 3 years.

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