Xcollar is a spinal splinting system, very different to the way current collars operate. It ensures a custom fit, which is multi adjustable and can be used on a patient in 'position found'. It doesn't impinge venous return and can be used stand alone for many patients, subject to local guidelines. 

See how it works:

The same collar fits all patients from 2yrs to adulthood, and it can be used with an extrication board, scoop, vac mattress or military litter. It is currently in use in 42 countries worldwide.

There is also a free certified online training course at www.training.xcollar.com dedicated to educating and instructing EMS first responders and educators around the world concerning the importance of cervical spine splinting. This is an ideal tool for educating a large group of people, especially when Xcollar is being deployed initially.

Please click here for more product informational materials and clinical studies or contact us for details. 

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